Playful Elements

I was once asked "what is your favourite way to work ?"  I thought of my some 33 years of making jewellery and I answered. 

I love to play.  So in order to have many possibilities and succeed in making what I have in my head, I make lots of different elements or parts in sterling silver, copper or other metal I have on hand. This is where I kick off the piece. Often I will set a stone almost to the finishing stage and add that to the play arena as well.        Because I am an avid mudlarker and I'm always looking at the ground, I always seem to have some great cherished pieces to add to the mix.

My travels have taken me to some great places in my life and I am always looking out for vintage, antique and unusual pieces to bring home for my play sessions.    When there are lots of different types of elements to play with I bring out my silver wire and Marry some elements together.  There are times when I can only get so far because there is a more suitable stone for a piece that I have not yet bezelled or a part that has not got the correct attachment to it, I haven't polished something properly yet. In those cases I will often put the parts aside in a project box to continue another day when the parts are ready. At those times I will start something else that I accidentally saw when working on the first piece. I can have 5 or 6 pieces going at once at any one time. Sometimes I don't know where I am going because the right element has not presented itself.  There will always be a larger amount of elements I have made myself in the piece, but I do also alter parts i have found.

Playing is the most relaxing way for me to make, but I do also at times have to work to a brief for a client or an exhibition theme, but that is another story.