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Contemporary Jewellery

Exhibition in Bucharest Romania - Contemporary Jewellery

Romanian Jewelry Week 2023

From from October 4th to 8th I exhibited 11 sustainably produced, contemporary jewellery pieces in Romanian Jewellery Week 2023, at the National Library of Romania, Bucharest hosted by Assamblage School and partners, Bucharest.

Previous to being in Bucharestfrom 6th of October, I was able to visit Joya Barcelona - Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition at Palau Real De Paralbes in Barcelona.


I was so inspired by the work of many Jewellers that I created two more pieces to be exhibited at RJW from parts I bought with me and materials I collected in London ( including one use clay tobacco pipe parts - pre 1900 from the Thames River).


I always make sure I have some hand tools, silver and copper wire, Posca pens and some interesting parts I've made and found on hand in my travels, for those moments of inspiration.

It was fantastic to meet other  international jewellers in Bucharest and discuss their work and life as creators. By being there I was inspired by other jewellers and saw new materials and techniques being used in the field. This is a new cultural and contemporary world for me being part of a group in the jewellery Industry. I have been incredibly inspired by other jewellers and come back with new ideas and consolidated old ones.

As a group we visited the National Cotroceni Museum. I attended openings at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery and school. I attended the workshop and lectures by Cristina Felipe and Legnica Silver AssI have also been referred to other international events which I will endeavour to take part in in the future.I experienced a new cultural and also met Jewellers from the Ukraine referencing the war and occupation of their country in their work.


The Past is in The Future

This collection uses materials, that by their very presence, symbolises the impermanence & transformation of all life. The past often informs the future.

All the materials used in this collection come from another life, another existence, from the past to the future in another form.

I have a deep connection to the forest & ocean having grown up in the wilds of Tasmania. The stories inherit in my jewellery naturally connect the wearer to higher purpose because at the heart of every piece is my crusade to inspire & nurture personal connection to the planet through adornment.


This collection changes all to adornment to honour connection & transformation with the symbols of earth; lotus, tree; light & moon. 

“Hand Fetish”

Tasmanian & Baltic Amber, more than 52 million years old, is the epitome of transformation.

Alchemy changes the nature of silver & gold. That which is broken, when transformed with gold leaf or paint, honours flaws & imperfections as new life. 

Having once been fluid inside a living tree, the Amber now carries ancient tiny forms to a new world where its fossilised, brittle form imparts a new cosmic light. Cephalopods died out 66 million years ago, as Ammonites, they represent the cyclic earth & sea.

Please see Drawings from Romania 2023. 

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