Exhibition in Bucharest Romania October 2023

Exhibiting Handmade Jewellery, Participating in Romanian Jewelry Week 2023, Bucharest.

As an Australian artist exhibiting at Romanian Jewelry Week 2023, I am presenting 10 pieces from my collection of sustainably produced, contemporary jewellery.  I will attend lectures, demonstrations and workshops to establish a broader knowledge base and skill set relevant to the design, creation and retail of my collections.

The exhibition will take place in the National Library of Romania, Bucharest. I am exhibiting  my contemporary jewellery pieces from October 4th to 8th.

The pieces have arrived safely in Romania and I'm so excited!
I will be there in person to set up my work and experience Bucharest life and culture while also checking out the many antique and second hand shops for interesting materials. 

The event will include a wide selection of museums, galleries, designer showrooms and schools that will host dedicated activities, such as workshops, lectures, discussions openings and other exhibitions. Legnica Silver Festival, Athens Jewelry Museum, Lisbon Jewelry Biennale and many more are presenting in the conference program on the 5th and 6th of October. 

It is a significant career opportunity to exhibit more of my work in Europe.

I am looking to use this opportunity to network and open exhibiting opportunities outside Australia; discuss sustainability principles with international makers; source sustainable materials, find project collaborators; be referred to other international events; experience
a new cultural and contemporary world as part of a group in the jewellery Industry; be inspired by other jewellers: gather ideas and new techniques from attending workshops and lectures to inform new work and new projects for the future.


Wish Me Luck! 

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