Shop Visit Bookings

Barbara Nanshe heard what you said. "My schedule is so busy!" "I need something really particular." "I need more time with you."  "Are you open after 5?"

Nanshe is offering the same services to you with more choice of days and in a time that suits your needs. The only change is now she requires you to book in no less Than 2 hours before. 

Long SHOPPING BrowseUp to 1hour:
Try things on; Bring an outfit to match; Have a coffee.
Bring up to 3 friends/family.

Short SHOPPING Browse - Up to 30 Minutes:
You know what you want; You have limited time; Perhaps you saw something online you want to try on; Maybe you want to see what Im currently making.
Bring a friend/family.

CUSTOM Consultation Brief - Up to 1 hour & 30 minutes:
Personal Custom designs for all occasions. Bring your ideas; Stones and beads; Outfits to match.

Bring up to 2 friends/family.

Coffee Catchup Combo Up to 30 Minutes:
Check in; Bring a repair; Make a pick up;
Bring a friend/family.

All appointments are free.

There is no pressure to purchase, ever.