Art for sale at Barbra Nanshe Studio

Art For Sale

Welcome to the Art Section of Nanshe Studio.

In this section you will find art by Barbara Nanshe and other local artists including Mal Cannon.

Nanshe paints, draws and collages images and makes wall and free standing sculptures as well as jewellery.

Sculpture and Assemblage:

Barbara starts by drawing her ideas, then making and collecting the elements to be put together to the brief.  A whole piece can take days, weeks or months to come together and work.   She chooses unusual, vintage and limited collection materials from her travel experiences.  Recycled  Copper, Brass, mixed media materials; antique from different centuries and vintage elements can potentially be combined to make unusual one-off sculpture pieces. 

Jewellery for the wall

From time to time Nanshe will have Jewellery art pieces that you can both wear and fix to the wall as a sculpture, in this section.

2d works on paper:

Barbara is a collage artist and uses her re-assembled images with drawing and painting to reconstruct another image.

Paintings by Other Artists:

Barbara owns Paintings and drawings by local artists including paintings on canvas by the late Mal Cannon. These will periodically come up for sale. Go here to read about Mal:

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