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Contemporary Jewellery

Custom and Bespoke

Let Me Make Your Heart's Desire


Nanshe is a versatile jeweller using a wide variety of materials in her work. This ensures a very different piece particular to you. Choose from rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces the way you want them.

Nanshe can make a new piece for you from your old and broken jewellery. Barbara can salvage the metals and stones to redesign into something unique and modern. 

Barbara can also make wedding and engagement rings and wedding pieces for the bridal party. She can revamp jewellery specifically for your wedding with your with your vintage jewellery. 

Leggings and Scarves

Nanshe can design the right colour and feel for you from her thousands of images.


Ask Barbara to make you a sculpture piece with your collected treasures.   

Please view this bespoke ring Video:

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