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Contemporary Jewellery

An Exhibition of Wall Sculpture By Barbara Nanshe 2023

Change Direction Now - Metamorphosis

July 22 to August 13 2023

222 Denison Street
Broadmeadow 2292

OPENING: Saturday 22nd July from 11 to 5pm

From Where Have You Come And To Where Are You Going
2023 Barbara Nanshe Mixed Media


17 Mixed Media Sculptures by Barbara Nanshe

It’s is not a new concept that every action has a reaction, a repercussion.

Yet modernism taught individuality, singular purpose and duality. Everything seperate. Our world has seemed very large. Personally only effected by our close proximity.

We thought nature separate from us and treat it like it exists for our use and purpose.

This way of thinking has produced a disconnectedness and separation from the very nature that supports us. It has produced the unbalanced path we find ourselves on across the planet. We have been working against our very own nature.

With globalisation and computers centralising information, the world appears smaller. Reality is slowly dawning on us.

Inside the Sea


There are those of us awakened to the knowledge that everything is interconnected and humans cannot exist without the inherent and balanced energy of planet earth and the atmosphere the planet is immersed in.

Sea Body By Nanshe

Sea Body Aura
2023 Barbara Nanshe Mixed Media

There is overlap with all living beings both close and on the other side of the planet, because we are all made of energy that relies on other energy.

Beings have a force field, an aura, each entity effecting the other.. We are vast and small at the same time. A reoccurring universe within other universes.

Our bodies exist of water; carbon; billions of organisms; electrical impulses, colour, light, darkness. Energy.  We are made of it. We can shift it and change it and can effect all other energies around us.

Humans are in need of a full mind evolution to undo and reinstate the global environmental balance, before the point of no return.  Learning about and understanding our connection; immersing oneself in the natural world, morphing into the sea, the fish, the birds, can only help us move forward through connection and understanding the entity.

We can change our direction. Embrace creation instead of destruction. Be a part of the garden, not lord over it. Connectedness is a tool to help us realise humans are only part of a much bigger force. It give us us not only compassion for every other being but flow and balance in the whole system.

If we realise we are not lone, individual entities, if we knew that consciousness is not in us but we in it, we could change direction.

We could see how our actions are not in isolation, but effect all energy in existence. We as a race could realise a role necessary for a more balanced existence. Custodians.


Create Not Destroy 2023, Recycled Copper

Create Not Destroy
2023 Barbara Nanshe Mixed Media

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