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Contemporary Jewellery

Who is Barbara Nanshe? The environmentalist.

Yes I am an artist and I make ethical jewellery, but did you know:

Part One

I am an environmentalist. I support 12 Animal Protection/Conservationist groups trying to make a difference to the world. See below.

I have training in native plant propagation, identification, ecology and bush regeneration.

I was employed by a NFP organisation “Trees In Newcastle” for 15 years.

I don’t just support groups to do their own work I also, with the help of my passionate friends and husband, do conservation work on my property, “Dragons Land” when I have the time.

Dragons Land is held largely for conservation. I hold no livestock nor do I clear for timber.   It is a registered as  'LAND FOR WILDLIFE" property.

Dragons Land is 120 acres and has 7 gullies leading to ephemeral creeks with two large dams at the lowest points. One of the dams was dug and the wall built by a convict team in the 1800s. It is said that some of the team were of Aboriginal decent.

The plant community consists of an Ecologically Endangered Community of plants and associations. It is a particular kind of Dry Rainforest at its most southern limit.  This consists of buttressed rainforest tree species and epiphytes. It is in combination with Themeda and Poa grass lands and  prickly shrubs and stands of eucalypts. This variety of forest supports a great amount of native animals. Particularly birds of which there are recorded over 300 species, including 3 endangered species.

Over the 21 years of holding Dragons Land we have planted more 5000 native plants for regeneration and suppressed 40 acres of Lantana. I have opened the land for Native animal release and become a member of Wildlife Land Trust

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My hope is to eventually build a bird sanctuary that can be accessed by the general public for appreciation and education.

There is much work to do to contain the lantana, secure the fences, open the general access road and paths and further support the animals via supporting the plant community.

If you can offer machinery or fencing or materials or labour or $ toward my vision please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Please visit my You Tube Channel for more information about me and Dragons Land.

P.S. During the checkout stage, on my store, you have the option of adding a 10%tip if you choose. This will go toward my conservation work on Dragons Land and supporting other groups too. See Below.

Barb Nanshe

Monthly Donations

Australian Conservation Foundation

Bush Heritage

The Wilderness Society

Port Stephens Koalas

Bob Brown Foundation


Animals Asia

Intermittent donations

Trees In Newcastle

Hunter Wildlife Rescue

Bird Life Australia



This handsome male's temporary name in the hospital was Glen Martin Steve. He was found on the ground in Glen Martin, not that far from my "Dragons Land", at Wallarobba.

Unfortunately Glen Martin Steve passed away late 2021.

Support Koala Habitat or support groups who do.


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