Little Chick

Little Chick


Little Chick Dreams Of Change       

Personal, Local, Global

Whether your desire for change is personal or global, whether you are living your dream or exploring possibilities, Little Chick is living consciously.  Little Chick is synonymous with evolution, personal development and transition.

Wear your Mantra

Wearing Little Chick pendant secretly or overtly can make you follow your dreams. Little Chick takes no responsibility for where that might lead you but is happy to hear your experiences on Facebook

The pendant is 100% recycled sterling silver on a stainless steel ball chain. It is in two parts: The Cameo- stamped with an edition; The Tag stamped with a mantra.

The printed TIN- is made from 100% recycled aluminium and paper fill and is useful for other applications.

Supporting local groups who support wildlife

With each purchase of the full pendant set Barbara will donate $10.00 to her favourite animal or environmental charity.

Little Chick supports the Wilderness Society; Bush Heritage and The Australian Conservation Foundation; Port Stephens Koalas, Hunter Wildlife of NSW; Peta; Trees in Newcastle

$10 of every Cameo Edition from 101 to 199 sold  will now go to Trees In Newcastle, a local Not For Profit environmental organisation who grow local native plants for rehabilitation projects.