Leggings by Nanshe

I have around 5000 images that I have painted, drawn and photographed. So why not make the most of them! 

Im excited to introduce you to my range of Leggings featuring my images. 

I have 43 designs available for you to enjoy.

I am starting off with Leggings in XL as they are the most versatile size.                          They will fit size 18 comfortably right down to size 12. Australian Sizes.

However if you love the design and want them for size 10 to size 6 please let me know. I can order them for you.

Please note that due to COVID19 constraints  leggings will take around 16 days to get to you Within Australia.

They are in a 88% polyester and 12% elastin, which stretches beautifully with the image intact, then goes back into shape when you take them off.  Machine washable in cold to warm water. do not tumble Dry.                                                                                                Made and Printed in Melbourne.