Conceptual Collections

I am interested in the human condition and the environment broadly. As an artist my subject matter specifics vary but the topics are all under the umbrella of the two broad subjects.

Specifically, feminist principles; domestic influences with animals; land forms and plant shapes; personal stories; the environment are all topics I explore in my work.

I express my ideas through the use of recycled materials.  I combine hand techniques with manufacturing techniques such as casting. 

In this section you will find Conceptual Jewellery Collections made to a focused concern. 

Collection One 

Earth Relics

This collection uses materials, that by their very presence, symbolises the impermanence & transformation of all life. The past often informs the future.
All the materials used in this collection come from another life, another existence, from the past to the future in another form. 

Collection Two

Domestic Bliss

Memories from the home. Once loved domestic wear, animals events live in our psyche. Everything changes and nothing lasts forever. Wearing commits the  stories to memory. 

Made from collected pottery chards from Tasmania, London, Saint Albans plus other added materials.

Please see Sculpture and Painting Section for those specific mediums. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

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