Create Not Destroy - Wall Sculpture

Create Not Destroy - Wall Sculpture

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Wall Sculpture made for Change Direction Now July 22 to August 13 2023.

Solo Exhibition of 17 wall sculptures at Straitjacket Art Space, 222 Denison Street Broadmeadow, 2292.

We are such a small part of the universe, but what we do here on earth effects all other beings and non beings.  In the realm of creation there are many entities moulding and shaping each other, part of each other, adapting and changing, evolving, being born and dying. We are in a state of flux but lets support nature to recover and create a balance for positive existence of all things.

Copper, steel, zinc coated copper, Whale Vertebrae cap from Beached Pilot Whale, pre 1900 Tasmania, 90% recycled

520 x 510mm

Please house inside.

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