Artificial Vegetation Transforms Living Energy

Artificial Vegetation Transforms Living Energy

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Wall Sculpture made for Change Direction Now July 22 to August 13 2023.

Solo Exhibition of 17 wall sculptures at Straitjacket Art Space, 222 Denison Street Broadmeadow, 2292.

There are some incredible places and animals on this planet. Realms that exist of animals and plants entirely dependent of each other. We can only marvel at the magic that they are. 

Man Made materials particularly plastic are changing the planet. Every part of the world seems to have it, from micro to macro plastic particles. Organisms are changing and perhaps adapting in strange ways to accommodate it. Some organisms have been found to break it down and eat it, perhaps thats a lucky transformation, perhaps not. We wont be able to tell for quite some time. So many fantastic creatures are being lost and so many unnatural things are replacing them.

Enamel coated copper, Recycled copper, recycled wood, steel, recycled acrylic, Zinc coated Copper, 1980s plastic, Perspex off-cuts, fruit bags

90% recycled

640 x 440mm

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