Art Pendant or Wall Sculpture - Aranyani Travels With The Moon

Art Pendant or Wall Sculpture - Aranyani Travels With The Moon

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Art Pendant or Wall Sculpture

Sterling silver and black patina; One Use Clay Tobacco Pipe Parts found on the Thames River in London, Circa 1700-1850; Posca paint; Tasmanian Serpentine; Black Linen & Synthetic Cord -Vegan

H:6cm W:15.3cm D:1.5cm

Self Portrait as Aranyani

In my 20’s I fancied myself as Aranyani, The Hindu Goddess of the forests.
I dreamed of travelling to India.  
At every spare moment I immersed myself in the natural world of plants and animals. I found myself compelled to study and draw leaves and seek information on the forest and garden communities.

I cultivated my wild happiness travelling to new places I could reach within my time outside work. I collected anything that held the magic of the land. Plant specimens, rocks, sticks, bones and feathers made shrines in my car and in my house. These were reminders of my wild self and a resolve to return to the wild.

I connected myself to the moon and the cyclic ways of the earth.
There were many journeys I made at night so I could arrive into the unknown and see the world anew, at dawn.

The Tasmanian Serpentine (found in a devastated, logged forest) represents hope for the land I’ve embodied and also keeps the connection to my earth home, Tasmania. The Clay Pipes represent the finding of treasures.