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Mal Cannon - Born 25 September 1945 Sydney, Australia to 26 December 2016 Newcastle Australia

 Mal Cannon  The Painter “I find the the landscape grid or topography a good basis to hold symbols and shapes together, hopefully in unity, a structural underlay to things. The painting is like a battlefield. Nothing stays the same, everything is subject to change. Things suggest themselves through gesture or form and one follows the suggestion, the tantalising trail. This usually ends in disaster unless the focus is very determined. This is when the painting tells the artist what it wants, what it demands to deliver. There is a relationship between the painter and the work which demands an honesty hard to sustain. A successful painting finishes suddenly, with no forewarning, its all over. The painting shuts you out, you...

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Collaborate with Me

I love bold statements and I am an incredibly versatile maker and would love to work with a fashion designer to produce a great collection.  One day I would love to do an Australian Fashion catwalk event. Contact me.

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Playful Elements

I was once asked "what is your favourite way to work ?"  I thought of my some 33 years of making jewellery and I answered.  I love to play. I think about things sculpturally. So in order to have many possibilities and succeed in making what I have in my head, I make lots of different elements or parts in sterling silver, copper, brass or gold I have on hand.   This is where I kick off the piece.    Often I will set a stone almost to the finishing stage and add that to the play arena as well.  I am an avid mudlarker and I'm always looking at the ground, I always seem to have some great cherished pieces to add to the...

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