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Beaded Necklaces

Natural Gemstones made into beads and strung into necklaces feature in the collection.

Beads are threaded onto clear nylon coated stainless steel wire of 17LB or 25LB breaking strain. Alternatively beads are threaded seperately onto sterling silver wire and connected with sterling silver rings.

Clasps are always sterling silver unless gold.  

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Earring Collection

My earrings serve all styles and event. There will be something in my collection that will sing your song. 

My stories, themes and names are inspired by personal experiences; travels; earth connections with places, animals, awesome people; and the internal Goddess. 

FREE: 2 Pairs of Rubber Ear Nuts to Secure Earrings -Til stocks last

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Jewellery on Sale

Create your individual look within your budget. 

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Little Chick



Little Chick Dreams Of Change - Personal, Local, Global 
Whether your desire for change is personal or global, whether you are living your dream or exploring possibilities, Little Chick is living consciously.  Little Chick is synonymous with evolution, personal development and transition.
Wearing Little Chick pendant secretly or overtly can make you follow your dreams. Little Chick takes no responsibility for where that might lead you but is happy to hear your experiences on Facebook
The pendant is 100% recycled sterling silver on a stainless steel ball chain. It is in two parts: The Cameo- stamped with an edition; The Tag stamped with a mantra.
The printed TIN- is made from 100% recycled aluminium and paper fill and is useful for other applications.

Supporting local groups who support wildlife
With each purchase of the full pendant set Barbara will donate $10.00 to her favourite animal or environmental charity.
Little Chick supports the Wilderness Society; Bush Heritage and The Australian Conservation Foundation; Port Stephens Koalas, Hunter Wildlife of NSW; Peta; Animals Asia; Beldi Rescue; Bob Brown Foundation.

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NEW Jewellery To Love

All new hand made creations by Barbara Nanshe 

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Pearl Collection

Creating with pearls brings me so much joy. The ocean makes her way to my heart even though most of the pearls I have in my hands are cultivated and not wild. That is the beauty of Pearls. The beautiful cold sensual silky touch on my fingertips guides my heart to the sea tide and deep oceans, forming in me a prayer for all they keep.

If you cant see anything that suits, please make an appointment with me. I have some beautiful pearls on hand to make a design just for you.

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Pendant Collection

Pendants and necklaces. My hand made pieces become the main feature hanging from a double or single point on sterling silver or gold chain or vegan cord.

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Ring Collection

Nothing really dies. It just transforms. 
Most of my ring making process is transforming wax to recycled gold and silver.  Every design is different to the next, with its own beauty.
My rings are made with solid recycled metals and natural precious and semi precious stones.  My preference is Australian locally cut gemstones but I will also use vintage and those ethically sourced. 

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Romanian Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition 2023 - Collection

 Earth Relics

This is the remaining collection of jewellery exhibited in Bucharest Romania as part of the international contemporary jewellery exhibition 2023.

This collection uses materials, that by their very presence, symbolises the impermanence & transformation of all life. The past often informs the future.
All the materials used in this collection come from another life, another existence, from the past to the future in another form. 


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Sculpture, Images & Objects

Art by Barbara Nanshe 

I am interested in the human condition and the environment broadly. As an artist my subject matter specifics vary but the topics are all under the umbrella of the two broad subjects.  Specifically, Contemporary subjects around feminist principles and the environment; domestic influences with animals; land forms and plant shapes; personal stories; are all topics I explore in my work.

Sculpture and Assemblage

I start by drawing my ideas, then making and collecting the elements to be put together to the brief.  A whole piece can take days, weeks or months to come together and work.   I choose recycled materials first. Then I make the forms and shapes I need. I often add unusual, vintage and limited collection materials from my travel experiences because they already have a story that I want to include in the piece.   I work on the premise that the future is told through the past and the present will soon be the past. 

From time to time I will make Jewellery art pieces that you can both wear- if you are brave -and fix to the wall as an object.

I love paper so I work with collage and paint and pencils from time to time. 

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Shop Visit Bookings

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All appointments are free. There is no pressure to buy if you can't find what you require. Barbara requires you to book in no less than 1 hour before. 

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Wrist Collection

Choose from Sterling silver solid Cuffs, bracelets with stones or pearls or reclaimed Vintage German Stainless Steel watch bands from the 1920s to the 1990s with hand made sterling silver and gemstone parts.

Some bands are quite fine and have never been worn. Those from the 1970s to the 1990s have never been worn and are in excellent condition. Others have been worn from the 1920s to 1960s and have small imperfections but are cleaned and in great working order.      I connect my accents of natural agates, crystal beads, vintage glass buttons, cast Sterling silver designs and pearls, with Sterling Silver wire. 

One Only Pieces.

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