Star Deva Woven Copper Doll pendant

Star Deva Woven Copper Doll pendant

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35 years ago I had a dream.

I had a visit from the spirit mother in the form of a woven woman. She was earthy and had no face. She spoke to me of natures power and beauty. She told me of my connectedness and strength. She said she would be there for me always.
Her spirit lives with me and I create my copper woven dolls in her image and with her instruction.

Each doll has a Deva, woven in. One to remind of higher thoughts and earth power and a role to play in the life of the one who she chooses and who wears her.
Star Deva reminds us that we are made of stars. we are a part of everything. We are constantly changing moving and growing. 

Woven From copper. Includes Swarovski Crystal. Vegan cord is 43.5cm long including the sterling silver spiral clasp.