Jewellery that sings to you and connects to your story. 

My travels in landscape, connections with people,  animals, places and stories of The Goddess inspire my stories, themes and names.

Pendants are defined as one piece on a chain or vegan cord. You will find loads of styles, materials and a variety of colours in this collection.

My sterling silver spirals are handmade by forming hammering and polishing. They have an easy way on - loop cord through spiral opening; and easy way off - wind back to the centre. Make sure the cord is all the way on not just in the centre.

 Spiral CatchSpiral Clasp 2

I explore with mixed media materials and components, including but not limited to hand made, cast, exotic, salvaged, vintage, antique and collected parts.   All the metals are solid and largely Recycled. They include Sterling silver; gold; copper.   I do not use plated metals but have been known to utilise a vintage base metal part from a vintage piece of jewellery for the overall theme of a piece I am constructing. 

I prefer Australian, locally cut; vintage and salvaged gemstones for my work.  

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