In the ancient Room
In the ancient Room

In the ancient Room

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This necklace had come from an ancient and deep place in me. It has an Aztec, aboriginal and also Persian feel all at once. It takes me to a powerful place. 
The necklace includes Hand painted, One use

clay vintage pipe parts from the Thames River London. Some date pre 1750 and others post 1750. 

The Brass a part is from a 1960s kiln heating element and includes A sterling silver fabrication. It is 3cm. 
Beads include obsidian, dragons eye agate, Tibetan agate, hematite

47.5cm long. 

The pipe parts in necklaces like these are surprisingly strong and not brittle even though some are around 3 hundred years old. They may have been preserved in the mud of the Thames. They certainly have been fired well. 
Any beads treated badly or dropped onto a cement floor is liable to break.