Wedding Necklace by Barbara Nanshe


Divine Intuitive Necklaces

You have come here because you want something that sings to only you

A touch piece

for connection 

A symbol

Something interesting, prehistoric.

You want ethical;  handmade: bespoke.


My aim is to create for the The people. The animals. Earth. 

My travels  in landscape and connections through my life inspire my stories, themes and names.

Necklaces are defined as multiple elements making one piece for the neck. You will find loads of styles, materials and a variety of colours in this collection.

I explore with mixed media materials and components.  including but not limited to hand made, cast, exotic, salvaged, vintage, antique and collected. All the metals are solid in the components I make myself. Recycled Sterling silver; gold; copper. I do not use plated metals but have been known to utilise a vintage base metal part from another piece of jewellery for the overall theme of a piece I am constructing. I prefer Australian, locally cut; vintage and salvaged gemstones for my work.  

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